Smart Voice™

Scream Technologies Smart Voice: Def~ An innovative and disruptive text-to-speech (TTS) platform with the capabilities to go beyond the state-of-the-art engines of Nuance, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and iFlyTek.


Just some of the possibilities


Personal assistants, sat nav, translation, education.


Hands-free eyes-free access to information.


Smart cars read text messages, emails, websites, and books.


Invite the other 5 billion people to join social media.


Next generation smart TVs don't need a remote control.

How does it work?

Smart Voice utilizes big data and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to understand how people speak. It learns languages and voices from listening to real people.

  • Self learning
  • Scalable
  • More voices
  • More languages
  • Fast
  • Embedded
  • iOS, Android
  • Cloud
Smart Voice

Smart voice enables next generation products to support the world's languages. Consumers can interact naturally by voice in their language, on any device, with or without internet connectivity.

Leadership team

Dr. Peter Cahill

CEO & Founder

Dr. Peter Cahill

Scream Technologies is led by Dr. Peter Cahill, who has worked in text-to-speech for the past 11 years. During this time he was part of a group of scientists that attracted a total of 58M Euro ($78M) funding for the CNGL projects. Dr. Cahill is an active member of the text-to-speech research community where he chairs the global speech synthesis special interest group. Peter’s specific expertise is in text-to-speech engines that learn language automatically from human voice recordings. His work has resulted in the technologies at the core of Scream's smart voice engine which enable the system to learn new voices and languages fully automatically from hearing real people speak.

Dr. Udochuwku Ogbureke

Chief Scientist

Dr. Udochuwku Ogbureke

Dr. Udochukwu Ogbureke has a Ph.D. degree from University College Dublin, where his dissertation focussed on statistical modelling of intonation for text to speech synthesis. Dr. Ogbureke specializes in statistical modelling of speech and machine learning.

Petya Petkova M.Sc.

Head of Languages

Petya Petkova M.Sc.

Petya Petkova has a masters degree in cognitive science and natural language processing from the Centre for Speech Technology Research (CSTR) at the University of Edinburgh. Petya also majored in linguistics, phonetics, and phonology.

Viorel Horlescu

Head of Development

Viorel Horlescu M.Sc.

Viorel Horlescu specialises in multi-platform embedded systems development (C/C++) and he leads our core product and tools development.